Signal of Metro Northern Virginia

About Signal of Metro Northern Virginia

More than your local security provider, Signal of Metro Northern Virginia is your active community partner. By applying global thinking on our approach to local security, we ensure that our presence isn’t just seen, it’s felt. Signal of Metro Northern Virginia is the clear voice in the night, the alert eyes safeguarding what’s most precious to you.

Our unrivaled capabilities and implementation of best-in-class technology allow us to create a unique, custom security solution that fits your needs. Our security solutions are successful because we understand the nature of local businesses and are passionate about being pillars of our community.

We are active and invested in the safety of Metro Northern Virginia because these are our communities too. This brings not only a deeper level of commitment from all of us here at Signal, but ensures a friendly, local face to provide you peace of mind. At every level of our team, we focus on building long-lasting relationships based on integrity, reliability and a genuine desire to help others succeed. Know that you and what you cherish are secure with Signal, the sign of peace of mind.